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40th British Mass Spectrometry Society Annual Meeting

September 3rd-5th, 2019
Manchester - Royal Northern College of Music

IMaSS is happy to remind you to join the annual congress of the British Mass Spectrometry Society.
Manchester is the natural location for the 40th BMSS Annual Meeting. John Dalton, J.J. Thompson & James Chadwick were all born, educated or worked in the city. The first commercial MS instruments were developed in Trafford Park, and today Manchester is the anchor point for one of the largest MS clusters in Europe! The universities of the region and their associated institutes and hospitals form a network of MS excellence. Most of the major instrument companies have facilities in the region together with numerous service providers.
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Italian traslation of the book "Mass Spectrometry", author J. Gross

This book is designed to be a guide to mass spectrometry, starting from the first steps until it becomes a daily research and work. Starting from the principles of ionization in the gas phase and by the elemental isotopic properties, we will explain the design of mass analyzers, the interpretation of mass spectra and the applied ionization methods. The book concludes with chapters on coupling chromatography-mass spectrometry and with a chapter on inorganic mass spectrometry. In total it comprises fifteen chapters that can be read independently one from the other.

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Italian edition curated by:

Ornella Curcuruto, Aptuit, Verona
Federica Dal Bello, University of Turin
Enrico Davoli, IRCCS Mario Negri, Milan
Donata Favretto, University of Padova
Pietro Franceschi, Mach Institute, S. Michele all’Adige (Trento)
Giuseppe Giordano, University of Padova
Claudio Medana, University of Turin
Valentina Mileo, Chiesi Farmaceutici, Parma
Angelo Palmese, Merck, Guidonia Montecelio (Rome)
Giuseppe Pieraccini, University of Florence
Barbara Pioselli, Chiesi Farmaceutici, Parma
Andrea Raffaelli, IFC-CNR of Pisa
Marco Roverso, University of Padova
Alessandro Saba, University of Pisa
Simona Scarpella, Waters Italy, Milan


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